Our Team

Teacher Career Pathways is a part of the Office of Teacher Leadership, within the Division of Teaching and Learning.

All members of this team are uniquely qualified to design and manage teacher leader qualification, implementation, and support. The team supports the 1,500 MoT, PCT, and MaT currently staffed in schools across all 5 boroughs of NYC.

Teacher Team Leader (TTL) is the fourth, UFT contract-defined, NYC TCP teacher leadership role. This team works directly with teacher leaders in the field through coaching, teaming, leadership conversations, and adult learning design.

Douglas Almanzar

Bronx High Schools

Districts 7, 9, 12

Rossana Bermudez

Bronx Collective Support

Danielle Bertran

AP for All

Hannah Brancato

Bronx Collective Support

Jesus Garcia

AP for All

Bronx High Schools

Districts 8, 10, 11

Patrice Holder

AP for All

Shameeka Hunter

District 9

Nicole Keith

AP for All

Osvaldo Mendez

District 10

Lorrie Ortiz

District 75

Abraham Ovalles

Bronx Affinity & Access High Schools

Kate Ryan

District 12

Dara Yusuf

District 11

Michael Murphy

Director of Implementation

The Strategy & Operations (SaO) team provides responsive and caring teacher leadership policy and support. You can connect with these team members by emailing teacherleadership@schools.nyc.gov.

Associate Director, Office of Teacher Leadership

Rosanna Mazzaferro

Communications and Partnerships Manager, Office of Teacher Leadership

Data & Research Manager, Office of Teacher Leadership

Anne Williams

Executive Director, Office of Teacher Leadership