Professional Learning Opportunities with Micro-credentials

TCP’s Teacher Leadership micro-credentials are designed to support teacher leaders in reflecting on key elements of the five areas of instructional leadership.  Teacher leaders select one area of instructional leadership to focus on for their learning experience. Micro-credentials are earned by demonstrating comprehensive reflection on one aspect of teacher leadership at a time, grounded in authentic school-based leadership practice, in order to generate a portfolio of evidence in this area of teacher leadership.

This micro-credential process is a unique online experience whereby educators establish their learning intentions and goals, personalize the activities they will engage in, draft comprehensive reflections, engage multiple times with a professional learning community, and partner with a leadership coach. Successful completion yields many benefits including a digital micro-certification that educators can use to showcase the skills they have developed throughout their career. 

In the 2020-2021 school year, TCP partners with ASPDP to provide A+ professional credits for completed micro-credential courses

Learn about the TCP Micro-credential Experience from NYC teacher leaders

MC One-Pagers 21-22.pdf

Questions about TCP Teacher Leadership Microcredentials: teacherleadership@schools.nyc.gov