NYC Men Teach

Inspiring Men of Color to Become Teachers in NYC

The New York City Men Teach (NYC Men Teach) initiative is a collaboration between the New York City Department of Education, Mayor Bill de Blasio's Young Men's Initiative, and the City University of New York. NYC Men Teach engages and recruits men of color to become teachers in New York City by providing early career support, professional development, mentoring, and networking services. 

Since 2019, Teacher Career Pathways (TCP) has partnered with NYC Men Teach to extend this mission to include supporting men of color to remain in teaching and become teacher leaders in their school communities, growing and supporting the instructional practices of their peers while developing their leadership skills. This includes inviting men of color to participate in our Emerging Teacher Leaders Program, offering workshops to support men of color navigate their teaching careers, and holding application acceleration events to support men of color in applying to become a teacher leader. 

Through the NYC Men Teacher and TCP partnership, we are growing the number of men of color in teacher leadership to ensure that our teacher leaders reflect the racial/ ethnic and cultural diversity of our students and teachers.

NYC Men Teach + Teacher Career Pathways: 

Elevated Leadership Panel (3.16.21)

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