NYC Teaching Academies

Training a Critical Mass of Great NYC Teachers

For years, New York City Teaching Academies are hubs of teacher development within their geographic districts, and help prepare incoming new teachers by leveraging the pedagogical expertise of in-service teachers, as well as their knowledge of the students and community. Teacher leaders in Teaching Academies have worked as Teacher Development Facilitators (TDFs) and Peer Collaborative Teachers (TA-PCTs)

TDFs are responsible for hosting a pre-service teacher in their classroom for a full semester, and providing support in the form of modeling, coaching, and feedback such that a gradual transition of teaching responsibilities is possible. (former title: Collaborative Coach)

A TA-PCT in each Teaching Academy provides program oversight and coordination, and supports the ongoing development of the Teacher Development Facilitators as they learn, apply, and practice the instructional leadership skills that are the cornerstone of  this clinically-rich model for teacher preparation. (former title: Lead Coach)

TCP partners with the NYC Teaching Collaborative by qualifying and supporting teacher leaders who serve in various roles within the Teaching Academies.  Teacher leaders support pre-service fellows in real NYC classrooms, where they practice how to set a vision for student success, build a student-centered classroom, and support student learning and growth.

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