District Partnerships

City-Wide District Partnerships

In 2019-2020, Teacher Career Pathways partnered with Queens South Executive Superintendent, Andre Spencer, and Brooklyn North Executive Superintendent, Karen Watts, to promote teacher leadership development their districts.  

The Learning Lab program is designed to demonstrate, analyze, and reflect upon instructional leadership practices. Each Learning Lab school will facilitate learning within one of the Five Areas of Instructional Leadership. In collaboration with a Teacher Team Leader team member from Teacher Careers Pathways, each school designs and facilitates learning experiences with differentiated activities for visiting teacher leaders to provide opportunities to identify and experience the conditions that help teacher leadership thrive within the context of a school and the borough. The goal of each Learning Lab visit is to heighten teacher leaders’ sense of collective efficacy, offer differentiated support to teacher leaders in different stages of their careers, and provide opportunities for teacher leaders to collaboratively reflect upon whether their instructional leadership decisions are making a difference for students and teachers in their schools.

* Currently this initiative is on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis *

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